About Stephanie

Meet Stephanie

CEO and Founder

  • I am originally from Illinois, but have lived in Minnesota, North Dakota and North Carolina.
  • I am a military spouse.
  • I am an enneagram 9 (peacemaker).
  • I have 2 older brothers.
  • I have 3 cats (Adore, Evee and Pepper). I am the cat lady but love all animals.
  • I am a former collegiate volleyball player and stay very active (bodybuilding competition, CrossFit, basketball, pickleball).
  • I am also a certified personal trainer.
  • I love anything sweet and will almost always say yes. Cookies are my favorite.
  • I hate being cold and tend to always dress warm.
  • The beach is my favorite place to be in the summer.
  • I played badminton in high school to get my 9th varsity letter.
  • Nexus is the second business I've owned; online personal training was my first.
  • I could eat breakfast food for every meal.